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Mixed Bamboo Tees with Tee Bag

Mixed Bamboo Tees with Water Repellent Tee Bag


Mixed biodegradable bamboo golf tees (70mm / 54mm / 32mm)

Each Mixed Box of Bamboo Golf Tees contain an equal split of:

70mm pink bamboo golf tees

54mm yellow bamboo golf tees3

2mm blue bamboo golf tees


May vary ever so slightly in an unlikely case of shaky hands. Sometimes you might get one or two more of one golf tee than the other golf tee, but nothing major.



Water Repellent Golf Tee Bag / Valuables Bag

17cm x 15cm, fully water repellant, drawstring top


Whatever the weather, keep your valuables safe and completely dry on the golf course with our Water Repellent Valuables Bag.


Our water repellent bag is made from incredibly tough canvas, with a waterproof coating so effective that water just beads up and rolls off.


A drawstring top keeps your essentials safe and protected from the elements, so you can focus more on your swing and less on where your valuables are.


Key Features:

  • Water repellent: A water repellent coating causes water to simply bead up and roll off, even in the heaviest rain.
  • Perfect size: Ample room to store your phone, wallet, keys, and other small items, this bag is both practical and convenient.
  • Secure Closure: A simple drawstring top closure 
  • Durable: Made from tear-resistant fabric, this bag is built to withstand the rigors of the golf course.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Easily fits into your golf bag without adding unnecessary weight, making it the perfect companion for every round.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal not just for golf, but for any outdoor activity where you need to protect your valuables from water.

Mixed Bamboo Tees with Tee Bag

PriceFrom £14.99