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Pocket size golf ball cleaning towel. Spike Golf ball cleaner. Towel for cleaning golf balls.

Pin Stripe Golf Ball Cleaner Towel

20cm x 20cm


Our pocketsize Golf Ball Cleaner Towel is one of the best golf accessories any golfer could own. You may think we’re being biased but hear us out. Having a golf towel small enough to fit in your pocket so you can clean your golf ball wherever you are on the course, is quite simply, the perfect golf accessory for both winter golf and summer golf.


How many times have you arrived at your golf ball on the putting green only to realise it's covered in crap. If you’re playing golf in the summer then it’s covered in grass clippings,  and if you’re playing golf in the winter then there is a high chance your golf ball is covered in mud from being plugged or simply from taking your shot from the fairway.


But the reason why this pocketsize golf ball cleaning towel is one of the best golf accessories goes further than that.


Golf bags are not allowed on the golf green. Therefore, you leave your golf bag on the edge of the green and just take your golf putter with you, but your golf bag towel is too far away to go all the way back for. So you end up just wiping it down on your golf trousers even getting mud on your golf glove. Well this has happened to us far too many times during a round of golf. Which is why we spoke to our manufacturer and created a pocket-size microfibre golf towel to clean your golf balls.


We all know how important it is to make sure that your golf ball has no mud on it when you’re putting. It’s even proven that putting a wet golf ball can make a massive difference and effect the putting speed. But with our pocketsize golf ball cleaning towel, you can get rid of any mud, and any water on your golf ball, so you can make more putts by always hitting a clean and dry golf ball.


So now matter where you are on the golf course, trust us when we say, this golf ball cleaner towel is the perfect golf accessory.


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Pin Stripe Golf Ball Cleaner

  • 20 x 20cm