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STFU Two Towel Tee Bundle

STFU Two Towel Tee Bundle


We've bundled together 3 of our favourite products together so not only do you save some dosh, you give your bag the punch it deserves. 


The Two Towel Tee Bundle contains a lightweight Bag Towel, our much-loved Ball Cleaner Towel, and 60 Mixed Bamboo Golf Tees.


Our waffle, microfibre towels are super lightweight so they don't weigh down your already-heavy golf bag, and are incredibly absorbant and fast-drying. 


Our Two Towel Tee Bundle also includes a box of our Mixed 60 biodegradable bamboo golf tees. Our tall pink 70mm tees which are perfect for driver, our hybrid 54mm yellow tees, and our indestructible 32mm tee for your irons.  Do your golf course a favour by making the switch to super strong bamboo tees, and help us bring Death to Plastic Tees


1 x Bag Towel

1 x Ball Cleaner Towel

60/120/180 x Mixed Bamboo Tees

STFU Two Towel Tee Bundle

PriceFrom £21.49