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Spike Golf's 54mm Bamboo Golf Tee. The Tough Nut.

We’ve launched with 2 bamboo golf tee sizes; 70mm and 54mm.

But given the the shorter profile of the 54mm bamboo golf tee, he’s a real tough nut.

Due to this bamboo golf tees ability to cover off multiple heights for golf irons and golf woods, he gets a lot of use. A lot of people tee up using this bamboo golf tee. Maybe even more so during the Winter playing off the winter golf mats. Because of the shallow depth to a winter golf mat, some people find that the pink 70mm bamboo golf tee can sit too high. Therefore they like to drop the the super strength yellow 54mm bamboo golf tee. .

But we’re finding these little guys to be really stubborn when it comes to breaking 👌 This 54mm bamboo golf tee just doesn't break. It might be because bamboo golf tees are so strong compared to wooden golf tees. 4 times stronger than a wooden golf tee, in fact.

At it’s tallest, this yellow 54mm bamboo golf tee can could tee up to a orange 70mm castle tee, and, when the ground is soft enough, you can push it really low into the ground and take it all the to a red 32mm castle tee, or even a green 25mm castle golf tee.

The brilliantly versatile 54mm bamboo golf tee. 💀



Help us bring Death to Plastic Golf Tees

Our mission is to bring an end to plastic golf tees and convert all golfers to biodegradable bamboo golf tees.


Bamboo golf tees are over 4x stronger than regular wooden golf tees, and will naturally break down in as little as 4 months. Plastic golf tees can take up to 1000 years.


If regular golf tees are your thing, we have 3 sizes; 70mm pink bamboo golf tees for drivers, 54mm yellow golf tees for lower drivers and hybrids, and 32mm blue bamboo golf tees for irons and hybrids.

We also have a range of 5 sizes of bamboo castle golf tees; 70mm orange castle golf tees, 59mm pink castle golf tees, 39mm blue castle golf tees, 32mm red castle golf tees, and 25mm green castle golf tees.

All of our golf tees are available as a mixed box or as individual sizes, and we also offer a golf tee subscription. Simply choose the amount and choose how regularly you want deliveries, and we'll take care of the rest.

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