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  • Are bamboo golf tees better than plastic golf tees?
    Simply put, yes, bamboo golf tees are better than plastic golf tees. Bamboo golf tees are biodegradable and can naturally break down in as little as 4 months. Plastic golf tees are bad for the environment. Every lost or snapped plastic golf tee can stay on the golf course for up to 1000 years. A lot of people confuse bamboo golf tees for wooden golf tees. But bamboo golf tees are much stronger than wooden golf tees. They're 4 times as strong, in fact. And because bamboo golf tees are biodegradable and break down naturally, they are much more environmentally friendly, and therefore, bamboo golf tees are much better than plastic golf tees.
  • Why choose bamboo golf tees over wooden golf tees?
    If you're using wooden golf tees instead of plastic golf tees then you're already doing something right! You might find that wooden golf tees can break quite often, which is where bamboo golf tees are much better. Bamboo is almost 4 times the strength of wood, therefore your bamboo golf tees are almost 4 times as strong as wooden golf tees. They're much less likely to break, and even if they do, bamboo golf tees are biodegradable, so they'll break down naturally.
  • Is the paint on the bamboo golf tees environmentally friendly?
    We've done the best we can to ensure our products are as harmless as possible by using water-based paints.
  • How does a Spike Golf bamboo golf tee subscription box work?
    When you sign up to a golf tee subscription box, you decided how many bamboo golf tees you'd like delivered with each delivery, and also how regularly you'd like them delivered. You can choose to have a one month, two month, or three month golf tee subscription. You pay the same amount every time, and we'll send you a box of your chosen Spike Golf bamboo golf tees direct to you door, exactly when you want them. You can cancel at any time with no charge, just send us a message and we'll sort it.
  • When does my bamboo golf tee subscription box arrive?
    The date you sign up for your golf tee subscription will be the recurring date you use. Your order is automatically generated by our website at the time your next box is due, so we'll send you your Spike Golf subscription box as soon as it it is generated. With a Spike Golf golf tee subscription, you'll never run out of bamboo golf tees again.
  • How do I cancel my bamboo golf tee subscription?
    You should be able to cancel your bamboo golf tee subscription at any time by simply logging into your account using the details you used to subscribe. If you are unable to do this for whatever reason, then please send us a message and we can take care of this for you.
  • Can I skip a bamboo golf tee subscription?
    Yes you can skip a delivery. If you would like to skip a box of bamboo golf tees arriving at your door, then get in touch with us and we can temporarily 'suspend' your golf tee subscription until you would like it resumed. Once you're ready for your golf tee subscription to be resumed, simply get in touch with us and we'll take care of it.
  • Can I change my bamboo golf tee subscription?
    Unfortunately it is not possible the change your golf tee subscription at the moment. We are only as sophisticated as what we are able to do in the backend of our website, and unfortunately there is currently no way for us to change the amount of bamboo golf tees you have subscribed too, or to change how regularly you receive deliveries. For a permanent change to these things, you'd need to cancel your golf tee subscription and take out a new one. If, however, you would like a one-off amend to your golf tee delivery or would like to suspend your golf tee subscription, then please get in touch with us and we can arrange something.
  • How long does delivery from Spike Golf take?
    All orders from Spike Golf get sent via Royal Mail 2nd Class. We aim to process all orders within 1-3 days of ordering, therefore all orders should be at your door within 3-5 days. If you're signed up to a bamboo golf tee subscription box, then these be sent at the same time every one, two, or three months.
  • What if I'm not home when my Spike Golf order arrives?
    Spike Golf bamboo golf tee boxes are packaged in a letterbox size box. Therefore, if you're not in, your order should still arrive. If your Spike Golf order is too big for the letterbox then your Postie will go through their normal process.
  • What do I do if I'm unhappy with my Spike Golf order, or I've made a mistake?
    In the rare instance that you're unhappy with your Spike Golf order, or if you believe a mistake has been made, (which does happen unfortunately!), then please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We'll work with you to resolve the issue as soon as possible, or if you'd like to cancel an order, we'll need to do it before it has been dispatched.
  • I'm outside of the UK, can I still order from Spike Golf?
    We can post outside of the UK, no problem. We just require a additional postage to make up the cost.
  • I still have a question!
    If your question hasn't been answered here, then you can contact us by emailing us at or by filling out our contact form.
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