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We're upping our golf towel game.

Even though the Spike Golf heart is made of biodegradable bamboo golf tees, our original towel drop banged harder than we thought. So we're stepping it up a level.

Not only did they gave us the opportunity to bring our punk golf patterns to life on a bigger canvas, we were able to continue expanding our range of golf goods, build the brand, and offer some awesome cost-saving golf bundles.

We launched with 3 brand new light-weight, fast-drying, easy-cleaning golf towels made from microfibre waffle material.

We also introduced our signature Golf Ball Cleaner towel after identifying a need for them during our own rounds. Leaving our golf bag on the side of the green, just to arrive at our golf ball to find it had a clump of mud or fresh grass clippings all over it was frustrating.

Spike Golf golf ball cleaning towel

Our smaller Golf Ball Cleaner towel could live comfortably inside your pocket or on your belt loop, for the whole round, removing the need to either walk back to your golf bag or in most cases, just putt the dirty golf ball.

To be honest, our whole range of golf towels range has gone down a storm. We love them, and it seems that you lot did too. Which is why we're massively upping our golf towel game.

Spike Golf golf bag towel

The towel drop

If you were lucky enough to get some of our first batch of golf towels then kudos to you, but a few people weren't so lucky and we've had tonnes of golfers asking to be informed when they're back in stock.

The good news is, that moment is very close. Bigger and better than before.

In the coming weeks we'll be launching 3 new golf towel designs. And even better than that, we've bolstered the offering.

Still made from the fast-absorbing, lightweight, microfibre waffle material, each design in the range will now have its own Golf Bag Towel, an improved Golf Ball Cleaner towel, and a brand new, much bigger Tour Towel.

That's 9 new golf towels hitting the Spike shop very soon and the cherry on the cake - we're also adding 3 new matching ball markers to the collection.

Keep your eyes peeled 👀 on our socials as we're planning to tease the new golf towel designs very soon.




Help us bring Death to Plastic Golf Tees

Our mission is to bring an end to plastic golf tees and convert all golfers to biodegradable bamboo golf tees.


Bamboo golf tees are over 4x stronger than regular wooden golf tees, and will naturally break down in as little as 4 months. Plastic golf tees can take up to 1000 years.


If regular golf tees are your thing, we have 3 sizes; 70mm pink bamboo golf tees for drivers, 54mm yellow golf tees for lower drivers and hybrids, and 32mm blue bamboo golf tees for irons and hybrids.

We also have a range of 5 sizes of bamboo castle golf tees; 70mm orange castle golf tees, 59mm pink castle golf tees, 39mm blue castle golf tees, 32mm red castle golf tees, and 25mm green castle golf tees.

All of our golf tees are available as a mixed box or as individual sizes, and we also offer a golf tee subscription. Simply choose the amount and choose how regularly you want deliveries, and we'll take care of the rest.

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