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32mm blue bamboo golf tees. Golf tees for irons. Golf tees for hybrids. Stronger than wooden golf tees

32mm Biodegradable Bamboo Golf Tees Subscription Box

A golf tee subscription box of either 60, 120, or 180 blue 32mm biodegradable bamboo golf tees.


What is the best golf subscription box? One that takes care of what golfers always need and can't play without. Golf Tees.


You choose the amount of golf tees you want delivered, and how often, and we'll take care of the rest. With free delivery and a 5% saving, our monthly golf tee subscription box has to be the best subscription box in golf.


Each of our 32mm bamboo golf tees contain printed lines that match the various heights you get when you buy bamboo castle golf tees. A standard bamboo castle golf tee as a 20mm spike before the tee starts. These printed lines on every one of our bamboo golf tees match the various castle golf tee sizes, and help you get consistency from your golf tee, every time you tee up a golf ball.


32mm blue bamboo golf tee, the perfect golf tee for irons.

1st line from the bottom of the golf tee equals a red 32mm castle golf tee.

2nd line from the bottom of the golf tee equals a green 25mm castle golf tee.


Bamboo golf tees are a super-strong alternative to wooden golf tees, and as they are naturally biodegradable, these eco-friendly bamboo golf tees are much better than plastic golf tees.


Every one of our bamboo golf tees are coated with bright, water-based paint so whether you’re using it as a golf tee for a driver or a golf tee for an iron, you’ll easily be able to find these bamboo golf tees after every golf shot.


Even plastic golf tees break, but at least our bamboo golf tees break down. In the unfortunate event that you snap a bamboo golf tee, then you can feel comfortable leaving it in the ground, knowing that these bamboo golf tees will break down naturally.


Every snapped or lost plastic golf tee can stay on the golf course for up to 1000 years. Spike Golf bamboo golf tees are over 4x the strength of regular wooden golf tees, and because bamboo golf tees are the environmentally friendly, they will naturally biodegrade, making them the best golf tees to use on the tee box.


Make the switch to Spike Golf biodegradable bamboo golf tees and help us bring death to plastic golf tees.

32mm Bamboo Golf Tees Subscription Box

PriceFrom £5.50
Price Options
Every Month
Save 5%
£5.50every month until canceled
Every 2 Months
Save 5%
£5.50every 2 months until canceled
Every 3 Months
Save 5%
£5.50every 3 months until canceled
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