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Any Cap Any Tees Bundle

Any Golf Cap Bundle

Your favourite Spike Golf Cap + either a 60 Regular Bamboo Golf Tees or 30 pack Bamboo Castle Golf Tees. 


Golf Cap options:
• Spike Golf Classic Black

• Spike Golf Classic White

• Spike Golf Lightweight Grey

• Spike Golf Lightweight White

• Spike Golf 3D Cap Black Text

• Spike Golf 3D Cap White Text


Bamboo Golf Tee options:

60 pack x Mixed / 70mm / 54mm / 32mm Regular Bamboo Golf Tees


30 pack x 70mm / 59mm / 39mm / 32mm / 25mm Bamboo Castle Golf Tees




Regular Bamboo Golf Tees (60 pack)

Our Regular Mixed Golf Tee Box contains 60 biodegradable bamboo golf tees.


Choose from either:
70mm pink bamboo golf tees

54mm yellow bamboo golf tees

32mm blue bamboo golf tees
Equal mix of 70/54/32mm golf tees


Each of our regular bamboo golf tees contain printed lines that match the various heights you get when you buy bamboo castle golf tees. A standard bamboo castle golf tee as a 20mm spike before the tee starts. These printed lines on every one of our bamboo golf tees match the various castle golf tee sizes, and help you get consistency from your golf tee, every time you tee up a golf ball.




Bamboo Castle Golf Tees (30 pack)


Choose from either:

70mm orange bamboo castle golf tees

59mm pink bamboo castle golf tees

39mm blue bamboo castle golf tees
32mm red bamboo castle golf tees
25mm green bamboo castle golf tees


Make the switch to Spike Golf biodegradable bamboo golf tees and help us bring death to plastic golf tees.

Any Cap Any Tees Bundle

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£14.99Sale Price