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Spikedelic Spike Golf Tour Towel. Fast drying waffle golf towel. Large tour golf towel.

Spikedelic Large Golf Towel / Players Tour Golf Towel

100cm x 50cm


Our Large Golf Towel is the mother of all towels, and an ideal golf accessory. A large golf towel that is designed for the toughest winter golf conditions, but also a golf towel that is so lightweight you won’t even notice it’s on your golf bag during the summer golf months.


All our golf towels are made from fast-drying microfibre waffle material. This material is perfect for a golf towel because it’s textured and highly absorbent but doesn’t hold the moisture for long enough that it gets heavy.


Our Large Tour/Players Golf Towel is our biggest canvas yet and can handle any condition that you want to throw at it. It may be a big golf towel, but thanks to the fast-drying microfibre waffle material, this golf towel remains lightweight in all golf conditions. The dirtiest and wettest of golf clubs and golf balls will be dry in seconds, without the towel getting heavy.


Every one of our golf towels have been designed with a reversable pattern. Quality two-sided print allows you to choose which side of the golf towel you want to show and choose how to bold you want to make your golf bag.


If you’re wondering how to attach this golf towel to a golf bag, it features a strong canvas weave hook. Therefore, you can choose to attach it to your golf bag using a clip (not provided) or if you’d prefer, it will comfortably hook over the top of a golf club. We also like to weave the golf towel in between one or two golf clubs, and it stays in place on the golf bag, with easy access on and off.


You can get all our 3 golf towel designs on all of our towels, so if you wanted, you could get a large golf towel to match your bag towel, and your golf ball cleaning towel. Or if you’d prefer, you can mix and match the patterns.


We also have the same designs across our other golf accessories, such as our Magnetic Ball Markers.


Available in Cracked Black, Dripped White and Spikedelic.

Spikedelic Large Golf Towel

  • 100 x 50cm