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One year of Spike Golf!

And just like that, a whole year of Spike Golf supplying the nation with bamboo golf tees. And what a brilliant year it was.

One year of Spike Golf. It's our birthday

Before anything else, seriously, from the three of us at Spike Golf, (Lew, Matt & Jack) thank you.

We're just 3 very normal blokes that wanted to start something awesome within golf that we enjoy. Something we could enjoy building and growing, and after a strong 365 days of supplying the nation with bamboo golf tees, what better time than to look back at the journey we've been on.

Lewis, Jack and Matt from Spike Golf
Lewis, Jack and Matt from Spike Golf

The year through our lenses.

Fundamentally, Spike Golf was born to bring an end to the plastic golf tees that are littering our golf courses. It was a problem that we could see on our very own local golf course.

So we set to task to tackle the problem, and bring Death to Plastic Golf Tees.

We tested and designed, and finally we launched with 2 sizes of bamboo golf tees; the pink 83mm bamboo golf tee and the yellow 54mm bamboo golf tee. Intentionally printed with horizontal lines so that they could be matched with the various castle golf tee sizes, we launched 2 bamboo golf tees could cover off all multiple sizes.

And we also launched with a bamboo golf subscription model, so that golfers didn't have to worry about ever running out.

Early learnings.

We'd launched in the the middle of the Winter golf season and we quickly identified 2 issues that we wanted to solve immediately.

  1. The extra tall 83mm bamboo golf tee was actually causing too many snaps. There was just too much tee in the earth that was causing too much leverage. So we quickly resized our pink 83mm to a 70mm bamboo golf tee pink tee and we have genuinely never looked back.

  2. The ground could get rock hard in the cold temperates, and we knew that would also apply in the dry summer golf months. And therefore you couldn't push a 54mm yellow bamboo golf tee all the way down to iron height. Therefore, the blue 32mm bamboo golf tee as born.

Let's go.

We had launched a range of golf products we loved. So over the course of the year we've kept developing the Spike Golf brand that we love to use, and wear.

And most recently, lightweight golf bag towels. A bigger canvas for us to bring the Spike Golf brand to life.

We even tackled our own personal gripe of never having a golf towel to hand to clean down our golf balls before you putt, so we developed our very own pocket-sized golf ball cleaner towel.

And over the year we continue to put together golf bundles to save golfers money. Our golf bundles are great for golfers to buy for themselves, or to use as the perfect golf present.

2023. Ready to rock.

We've already got some killer golf products in motion ready to make 2023 just as awesome, and some big big ambitions for where we can take the Spike Golf brand.

Again, thank you too all of our customers who have bought our golf gear throughout the year, and who continue to support us. It has made it possible for us to keep growing this awesome thing.

Some big Spike Golf love to you all. Lew, Matt & Jack 💀



Hi Guys,

Happy to support an independent golf brand with a cool looking product.

Thanks David, Ayrshire



Help us bring Death to Plastic Golf Tees

Our mission is to bring an end to plastic golf tees and convert all golfers to biodegradable bamboo golf tees.


Bamboo golf tees are over 4x stronger than regular wooden golf tees, and will naturally break down in as little as 4 months. Plastic golf tees can take up to 1000 years.


If regular golf tees are your thing, we have 3 sizes; 70mm pink bamboo golf tees for drivers, 54mm yellow golf tees for lower drivers and hybrids, and 32mm blue bamboo golf tees for irons and hybrids.

We also have a range of 5 sizes of bamboo castle golf tees; 70mm orange castle golf tees, 59mm pink castle golf tees, 39mm blue castle golf tees, 32mm red castle golf tees, and 25mm green castle golf tees.

All of our golf tees are available as a mixed box or as individual sizes, and we also offer a golf tee subscription. Simply choose the amount and choose how regularly you want deliveries, and we'll take care of the rest.

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