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Why we've shortened our 83mm bamboo golf tee to 70mm...

We launched Spike Golf in January 2022 with 2 products; a 54mm bamboo golf tee and an 83mm bamboo golf tee for drivers.

As a new business, we're fascinated by the comments and the feedback we get from our customers. So when we were hearing from people that they were seeing a lot of breakages from our 83mm bamboo golf tee, we listened.

70mm bamboo golf tee
70mm bamboo golf tee

So behind the scenes we began trialling a 70mm bamboo golf tee instead of an 83mm.

It's a small change in height from our previous golf tee, but we noticed it was making a seriously big difference. We spoke to our manufacturers and from now on, our longest tee size will be the 70mm bamboo golf tee.

Shorter but much, much stronger.

As nice as it can be to have that extra length to a bamboo golf tee, a lot of it is spent under ground, and as a result it has been creating too much leverage when hitting the golf driver, causing the snap.

Our shorter 70mm bamboo golf tee removes a lot of that unnecessary tee buried underground, and has made each tee much, much stronger.

Bamboo is really strong. Which means bamboo golf tees are really strong. Just try our 54mm bamboo golf tee. It's rock solid. And we're confident that the future of golf tees is bamboo golf tees. No more wooden golf tees, and our mission is to also bring Death to Plastic Golf tees. The benefits of bamboo are clear to see.

We don't want people to get the wrong impression. Which is why we're taking action now.

We know some of you may miss that extra length, and to you lot we apologise, but hopefully you'll still be able to tee it up as high as you need, and reap the rewards of a shorter, stronger bamboo golf tee whether for your golf driver.



Help us bring Death to Plastic Golf Tees

Our mission is to bring an end to plastic golf tees and convert all golfers to biodegradable bamboo golf tees.


Bamboo golf tees are over 4x stronger than regular wooden golf tees, and will naturally break down in as little as 4 months. Plastic golf tees can take up to 1000 years.


If regular golf tees are your thing, we have 3 sizes; 70mm pink bamboo golf tees for drivers, 54mm yellow golf tees for lower drivers and hybrids, and 32mm blue bamboo golf tees for irons and hybrids.

We also have a range of 5 sizes of bamboo castle golf tees; 70mm orange castle golf tees, 59mm pink castle golf tees, 39mm blue castle golf tees, 32mm red castle golf tees, and 25mm green castle golf tees.

All of our golf tees are available as a mixed box or as individual sizes, and we also offer a golf tee subscription. Simply choose the amount and choose how regularly you want deliveries, and we'll take care of the rest.

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