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7 Reasons You Should Be Getting a Bamboo Golf Tee Subscription Box

1. You'll never have to borrow a golf tee again

We've all been there. Digging your hand through your golf bag, rummaging around for a golf tee, only to find that you've just snapped your last one and have to borrow another golf tee from your golf partner. Every hole, borrowing another golf, for the rest of the golf round. Well, subscribing to a regular Bamboo Golf Tee Subscription Box will put an end to that.

Mixed height bamboo castle golf tee golf subscription box
Mixed Height Bamboo Castle Golf Tee Subscription Box

2. Our Bamboo Golf Tees are biodegradable

Spike Golf was launched to convert golfers away from plastic golf tees and on to biodegradable bamboo golf tees, and to bring Death to Plastic Golf tees once and for all. Plastic golf tees litter our golf courses for thousands of years, where a box of bamboo golf tees can biodegrade in as little as 4 months. You can read more about the benefits of bamboo, and specifically, bamboo golf tees, here.

70mm bamboo golf tee
70mm Bamboo Golf Tee

3. There is already enough to think about when playing golf, without having to worry about golf tees

We don't know about you, but the more you get into golf, the more there is to think about. When you first start out you feel like you might have a natural golf swing that works, and then you start making small changes to your golf swing, your golf grip, your golf stance, and the worse it gets. Golf has got to be one of the only sports whereby you don't necessarily get better the more you play. A lot of the time we find we're actually getting worse at golf. So when you're slicing your golf ball it off the first tee, the last thing you need to think about is restocking your golf tee supply. Leave that to us. We can make sure that you have enough bamboo golf tees in your golf bag so you can concentrate solely on your golf swing. Or your low point. Or the angle of your backswing...

4. They look cool as hell

All of our bamboo golf tees look cool as hell. Every bamboo golf tee and also our bamboo castle golf tees are coated in bright water-based paint. And that's no accident. We have intentionally used bright water-baed coloured paint on every bamboo golf tee not only because it won't harm the environment, but also because every time you take a golf swing you can easily find your golf tee on the tee box.

We've bright pink on our 70mm bamboo golf tees which are the perfect golf tee when using a golf driver; bright yellow 54mm bamboo golf tees which are also great for using with a golf driver but also with a driving iron; and bright blue 32mm bamboo golf tees which are perfect for irons.

Our bamboo castle golf tees are no different. The different colours on castle golf tees are a standard colour across the game of golf. Therefore we've made sure that our bamboo castle golf tees are all the same colours as the plastic castle golf tees. Therefore our bamboo castle golf tees for drivers are orange 70mm bamboo castle golf tees in bright orange, and pink 59mm bamboo castle golf tees; we then have the perfect bamboo castle golf tees for golf hybrids and golf woods which are blue 39mm bamboo castle golf tees and red 32mm bamboo castle golf tees. Some people like to tee off with their golf tees a little higher when using irons so they like to also use a red 32mm bamboo castle golf tee, but for most golfers, our bright green 25mm bamboo castle golf tees are the perfect golf tee for an iron.

Not only that, they have a Spike skull printed on the top, as well as printed castle tee heights on each tee. Very cool, very useful. If you can't decide between the two, then why not get both, with our Mixed box.

5. The water based paint makes them highly visible

Many bamboo golf tees on the market opt for the natural, wooden golf tee look. We get it, it makes a golf tee look natural and organi,. But more often than not, that's the problem... you lose every bamboo golf tee too easily. Especially in the Winter months, a natural looking bamboo golf tee can easily blend in with the sticks, twigs and leaves scattering the golf tee box.

Which is why we've made both our bamboo golf tees and our castle golf tees as bright and as possible by covering each tee in environmentally safe water-based paint. This is to help you lose less golf tees, so you can buy less golf tees... which is probably bad business from us. But we don't worry about that, the water-based paint on each tee not only makes every bamboo golf tee stand out, every bamboo golf tee looks great.

6. All of our packaging is completely eco-friendly

We've made sure of it. Just like our bamboo golf tees, we're here to look out for the environment. And is the same for our packaging too. We've consciously chosen environmentally friendly product packaging, there for our boxes that our golf tees arrive in are fully recyclable and the cellophane bags that our golf tees arrive in are fully compostable so you can pop them in the food waste bin. We're committed to not leaving a environmental trace, so when we're converting golfers away from plastic golf tees and on to our bamboo golf tees, we're confident that they're reducing their environmental impact.

Environmentally friendly pack of bamboo golf tees
Environmentally friendly pack of bamboo golf tees

7. And finally, flexibility and 5% saving on every box subscriptions box of bamboo golf tees

Any order over £5 from our golf website comes with FREE UK delivery, so it's only our pack of 30 Mixed Bamboo Golf Tees that you have to pay postage on. But when you subscribe to a bamboo golf tee subscription box, you'll also save 5% on every box of golf tees. You might decided that having bamboo golf tees delivered to your door every month is too many, or you might find that only 30 bamboo golf tees every month isn't enough, it all depends on how often you play golf. With our bamboo golf tee subscriptions, you decide how many golf tees you want delivered every month, you decide how often you want deliveries, and we'll take care of the rest. For 5% cheaper than if you were to buy a standard box of bamboo golf tees.



Help us bring Death to Plastic Golf Tees

Our mission is to bring an end to plastic golf tees and convert all golfers to biodegradable bamboo golf tees.


Bamboo golf tees are over 4x stronger than regular wooden golf tees, and will naturally break down in as little as 4 months. Plastic golf tees can take up to 1000 years.


If regular golf tees are your thing, we have 3 sizes; 70mm pink bamboo golf tees for drivers, 54mm yellow golf tees for lower drivers and hybrids, and 32mm blue bamboo golf tees for irons and hybrids.

We also have a range of 5 sizes of bamboo castle golf tees; 70mm orange castle golf tees, 59mm pink castle golf tees, 39mm blue castle golf tees, 32mm red castle golf tees, and 25mm green castle golf tees.

All of our golf tees are available as a mixed box or as individual sizes, and we also offer a golf tee subscription. Simply choose the amount and choose how regularly you want deliveries, and we'll take care of the rest.

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