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Divot repair tool. Pitch repair tool. Flip pitch repair tool. Fix divot left by golf balls. Golf accessories for golf.

Divot Repair Tool

Fix your sh*t with our flip-out pitch repair tool.


One of golfs must have golf accessories. If you're lucky enough to hit the dance floor, make sure you have easy access to a Divot Repair Tool so you can quickly repair your divot marks.


Our Divot Repair Tool has a quick release blade, which means you’re ready for action at the press of the button. This tool hides the blade away, so you’ll protect your pocket lining whilst also keeping your upper thigh safe.


This golf accessory also has a spot for a magnetic golf ball marker, so when you’re taking your divot repair tool out to repair your divots, you have easy access to your ball marker as well.


​​​​2 x Magnetic Golf Ball Markers


A golf ball marker is another accessory that every golfer needs. When your golf ball hits the green and you want to pick it up so you can give it a good clean, or line it up before you take your putt, within the laws of golf, you have to mark your golf ball before you pick it up. And that’s where golf ball markers come in.


Each golf ball marker has a raised enamel finish with a lacquer coating. A super slick, premium finish golf ball marker, whilst also making them resilient to the golf conditions and easy to clean.


These Magnetic Golf Ball markers come with a Magnetic Hat Clip, which easily slides on to the peak of any golf cap, or can easily slide on to any bobble or beanie hat

Pitch Divot Repair Tool

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