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Mix & Match Big Golf Towel Bundle. Includes a Large Tour Golf Towel, Golf Ball Cleaner Towel and 60 Mixed Bamboo Golf Tees

Mix & Match Big Golf Towel Bundle


Make lightweight work of the golf conditions with this towel bundle. A Large Golf Tour Towel on your bag and our Golf Ball Cleaner Towel in your pocket, you can tackle every element on the golf course. Save some dosh whilst giving your golf bag the punch it deserves.

Big Golf Towel Bundle includes:

1 x Large Golf Towel / Tour Players Golf Towel

1 x Pocket-size Golf Ball Cleaner Towel

60 x Mixed Bamboo Golf Tees




Large Golf Towel / Players Tour Golf Towel

Our Large Golf Towel is the mother of all towels, and an ideal golf accessory. A large golf towel that is designed for the toughest golf conditions, but also a golf towel that is so lightweight you won’t even notice it’s on your golf bag.


All our golf towels are made from fast-drying microfibre waffle material. This material is perfect for a golf towel because it’s textured and highly absorbent but doesn’t hold the moisture for long enough that it gets heavy.


This Large Tour Towel Bundle also includes a box of our Mixed 60 biodegradable bamboo golf tees. Our tall pink 70mm golf tees are perfect for driver; our hybrid 54mm yellow golf tees, and our indestructible 32mm golf tees for your irons. Do your golf course a favour by making the switch to super strong bamboo golf tees, and help us bring Death to Plastic Golf Tees.




Mixed box of Bamboo Golf Tees (60 pack)

Our Mixed Box contains 60 biodegradable bamboo golf tees.


Each Mixed box of Bamboo Golf Tees contain an equal split of:

70mm pink bamboo golf tees

54mm yellow bamboo golf tees

32mm blue bamboo golf tees


May vary ever so slightly in an unlikely case of shaky hands. Sometimes you might get one or two more of one golf tee than the other golf tee, but nothing major.


Each of our bamboo golf tees contain printed lines that match the various heights you get when you buy bamboo castle golf tees. A standard bamboo castle golf tee as a 20mm spike before the tee starts. These printed lines on every one of our bamboo golf tees match the various castle golf tee sizes, and help you get consistency from your golf tee, every time you tee up a golf ball.


Make the switch to Spike Golf biodegradable bamboo golf tees and help us bring death to plastic golf tees.

Big Golf Towel Bundle Mix&Match

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